A bridge between creating and collecting

Through visionary content and services, we aim to increase the awareness and relevance of Asian craft, particularly work from Japan. Our goal is to connect future collectors to objects, artists, and experiences that will ignite a lifelong passion for contemporary Asian craft. Our approach is twofold: we create insightful and timely content that educates and inspires our readers, and, together with our travel partner, we offer curated, art-focused travel experiences. We have the expertise, networks, and experience to guide and nurture strong, sustainable relationships between Eastern makers and a Western audience.

Our headquarters is in the Japanese city of Kanazawa, a world-class center for traditional and contemporary arts, whose creative heritage has been cultivated for centuries. We also have offices in Tokyo and New York, which makes us accessible to a global audience. 

Living Form was founded by a group of people who are passionate supporters of the arts. We’re affiliated with two organizations: the Cooperative Association for Promotion of Kanazawa Kaga Maki-e and The Art of Travel, an art-focused luxury travel service.

Kenji Yoshii, Publisher

A champion of the arts as well as a business leader, Mr. Yoshii believes that the connection between craftsmanship, tourism, food, and art should be developed as a cultural industry. After taking over his family’s business, Yoshii Syouten, which provides materials for maki-e (a 1,300-year-old decoration technique of applying gold and silver powder to lacquerware), he founded the Cooperative Association for Promotion of Kanazawa Kaga Maki-e in 2005. He has further organized activities led by the “Discover Kanazawa Planning Committee,” a project supported by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), to establish a model project.

Yuji Akimoto, Adviser

Curator and cultural visionary Yuji Akimoto brings a thoughtful and farsighted perspective to the presentation of contemporary art, emphasizing interaction between art institutions and the local community. He currently serves as director and professor of The University Arts Museum, Tokyo University of the Arts and chief executive director of the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa.

Japan Team

  • Kenji Yoshii Publisher
  • Yuji Akimoto Adviser
  • Evelyn Teploff-Mugii Associate
  • Jun Ura Associate
  • Kentaro Takayama Associate
  • Sonomi Hosoki Associate

New York Team