Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

QWhat are your affiliations?

The Art of Travel, (Kanazawa, Tokyo, New York based Luxury Travel Agency), Touchpoint (Marketing, Design & Publishing at The Art of Travel) and the Cooperative Association for Promotion of Kanazawa Kaga Maki-e.

QHow can I obtain more information on the artwork or an artist interviewed on your site?

We understand that our readers are eager to learn more about newly discovered works and artists. Because of the high amount of inquiries, however, it’s difficult for us to answer all of these requests. We encourage you to subscribe to our newsletter below to stay in the know about our latest articles and interviews.

QDo you provide contact information for artists you write about?

This is confidential and proprietary information that we’re not at liberty to disclose. However, members have access to event listings, special travel offerings, and studio visits for some of the artists covered in our publication. To become a member click here to visit the membership page. You can also learn more about our special travel offerings or custom art-focused travel services at the artoftravel.net.

QI’m an artist and would like to introduce my work. May I submit information to you for an article?

We appreciate hearing from you, and you’re welcome to submit information regarding your work anytime. We read all submissions and archive them, but because of the large amount we receive, we unfortunately cannot guarantee a reply.

QAs media, may I contact you?

For media inquiries and press releases please contact media@living-form.com. You can also sign up for our newsletter for regular updates.