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Quotes made at Kōgei Art Fair Kanazawa 2017

“A philosophy of life; a way of being.” - Malcolm Ferris, Director, Making Futures Conference, UK; Professor, University of Plymouth, UK

Plan a Visit to Kanazawa Environs

Mount Hakusan, The Noto Penninsula, Kaga

Right outside of Kanazawa, diverse landscapes encapture a rich plethora of local culture and crafts.

Mount Hakusan, one of the three sacred mountains of Japan and home to a silk tradition that has survived for centuries. Noto’s dramatic landscapes with sweeping cliffs against the Sea of Japan embodies the spirit of local architecture, cuisine, and crafts; particularly lacquer and Suzuyaki — (Suzu earthenware) naturally dark gray and unglazed. The Noto also boasts a glass museum and recently hosted the Oku Noto Triennale art festival. In Kaga, the Yamanaka onsen (hot springs) area is home to a famous and thriving lacquer and wood lathe work community. Not far from the hot springs is Nomi, known for Kuntaniyaki — (Kutani porcelain) overglazed in vivid colors distinct to the region.

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