Nishiyama Silk

The Beauty of Nature Woven into Every Thread

“. . . Nishiyama Silk translates the beauty of nature into desirable, elegant silk.”

Nishiyama Silk

With a legacy spanning more than eight hundred years, and a precise dedication to traditional crafting, Nishiyama Silk is unparalleled in the worldwide silk industry. Renowned for its in-house creations, this durable, breathable thread is manipulated by hand for crafting and dyeing, and results in expressive, one-of-a-kind products. A company that prides itself on maintaining historical processes and unique craftsmanship, Nishiyama Silk translates the beauty of nature into desirable, elegant fabric. Broadening out from the Japanese kimono industry and into the international market, the company’s handcrafted beauty and trademark patterns charm buyers around the world.

Plan a Visit to Hakusan

Experience Nature’s Raw Form

Visitors to Nishiyama Silk can learn about the elaborate process of the eight-hundred-year-old silk traditions, witness firsthand the reeling of thread, and view the final, breathtaking silk products of Ushikubi, a designated Intangible Cultural Property.

Those who wish to encounter nature’s full power are encouraged to hike the mountain’s spectacular summer peaks. Originally associated with aesthetic rites and religious cleansing, the “White Mountain” provides panoramic views of the surrounding Japanese Alps while calming the often-clouded human heart.

Whether visiting Nishiyama Silk, where time-honored, handmade techniques are still utilized today, or absorbing the beauty of the mountain with every step on a hike, Hakusan provides ample ways to spend a carefree afternoon.